Advanced PDF Tools- Optimize/ Encrypt/ Watermark PDF

PDF (Portable Document Format) is the most widely used file format in the world for transferring electronic document, which is independent of other applications, software, hardware, and operating systems. You may meet such a case: you edit the contents in a PDF and you want to edit PDF information such as author, create date, creator, producer, etc.

With the help of VeryPDF PDF Tools, you can easily edit PDF description such as title, subject, author, keywords, create date, modified date, creator, producer, etc., optimize PDF for fast web view, encrypt PDF with passwords, add watermarks to PDF to protect copyright and prevent counterfeiting.

VeryPDF PDF Tools is a powerful PDF tool that can not only set PDF information, page size, etc., but also can encrypt, optimize, watermark, and compress PDF.

Why do we choose VeryPDF PDF Tools?

Support to edit PDF description—With the help of VeryPDF PDF Tools, you can not only change the PDF description such as subject, title, keywords, create date, modified date, author, creator, producer, etc., but also can change the PDF version.

Support to customize PDF page size—VeryPDF PDF Tools allows you to customize PDF page size and page scale. Of course, it also offers some standard page size such as A3, A4, Letter, B4, B5, etc.

Support to encrypt PDF—It supports to encrypt the PDF with open password and permission password to prevent the PDF from unauthorized opening, editing, copying, printing, etc.

Support to add watermark to PDF—VeryPDF PDF Tools can also help you protect copyright and prevent counterfeiting by adding text, picture, PDF or line watermark to PDF. In addition, it allows you to make settings for the watermark.

Support to compress and optimize PDF for fast web view—It is able to compress image and fonts in the PDF. It also allows you to remove metadata, thumbnails, bookmarks, JavaScript actions, etc. to optimize PDF. Thus, you can upload or share the PDF more conveniently.

Of course, what has been said above is just a little part of this powerful PDF tool. Want to try VeryPDF PDF Tools right way? Please contact support group of VeryPDF or pay close attention to our product page. (VeryPDF PDF Tools is under testing right now and it will be published soon.)

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