Extract text from image file –20 more languages supported

     In ImagePDF knowledge base, we aim to gather around most of the useful tools for handling image files here. In this article, I will show a tool for extracting text part from image file. And it supports Arabic,Czech and other more than 20 languages. By this tool, you can save time, energy and money when converting image file to text file as this software it totally free online version.

  This tool named Free Online OCR Converter can convert JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF to text file allowing you choose the output text formats. Know more from the following snapshots of this online software interface  step by step.

Step 1.Add image file.

Add image file
                 Fig. 1. Add image file

  • From the snapshot, we can deduce that this software supports both online file and local file.
  • It supports Jpg,png,gif, bmp, tiff and more image file formats.

Step 2. Choose language and set output text layout.

choose language
                Fig. 2. choose language

  • Please choose corresponding language according to the image content.
  • Choose page segmentation.

Step 3. Upload and convert.

upload and convert

  •   A few seconds later, the content in image fill will be saved in the text file. There is no option to specify the detonation folder. After converting, the text file will bounce the screen automatically then please save it to some places according to your habit.

There is still limitations of this software, say it can not convert image file to text in batch and there is also size limitation. If you need to do the convert in large amount, I guess you have to resort to some shareware. But I deeply believe that it is just a matter of time until there are many free and wonderful freeware accessible to use. We will not stop the steps to collect wonderful freeware here, so please pay attention to our website.

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