How to convert BMP to PDF and rotate image?

The powerful command line program ImagePDF Image to PDF Converter has the ability to convert different kinds of image to PDF file by command line and realize different kinds of functions by the settings of command line options.

This article aims at introducing the steps about how to convert BMP to PDF document and rotate image in the conversion process with the help of Image to PDF Converter command line. Please read the following contents.

For downloading the program, please click this link. Then please extract the ZIP file to some destination of your computer until you can see the executable file img2pdf.exe in the folder and this file is the called program in the conversion from BMP to PDF.

There are several steps for you to fulfill the conversion and rotate image.

  • Please open MS-DOS interface for inputting the command line because Image to PDF Converter is a MS-DOS oriented application. Just click Start—Run and input cmd in Open combo box and click OK button.
  • If you don’t know how to use this command line program, please drag the executable file img2pdf.exe and drop it into MS-DOS interface and press Enter button on the keyboard to see the command line usage.
  • Then please input the command line into MS-DOS interface according to the command line usage which is shown in Figure 1.
  • Press Enter button to convert BMP to PDF and rotate image.

The following command line is an example for your reference.

  • img2pdf.exe –rotate 90 -width 612 -height 792 C:\in.bmp C:\out.pdf
  • img2pdf.exe -mergepdf "C:\*.pdf" C:\out.pdf

In the first example, the option –rotate 90 is to rotate the input image by 90 degree. The options -width 612 and -height 792 are for setting output PDF size as 612x792.

In the second example, the option -mergepdf is used to merge all PDF documents in C:\ into C:\out.pdf file.

usage of Image to PDF Converter command line

Figure 1

For learning more related information about ImagePDF Image to PDF Converter command line, please click here to enter its homepage. Or you can leave your messages or contact the technical support team if you have any questions. 

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