How to convert image to PDF and set page margin to PDF

Do you want to convert a series of image to PDF for printing, sending via e-mail or web publishing? If so, the application Image to PDF Converter will be a good choice for you.

Image to PDF Converter is a professional command line application. With it, you can convert various images (JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PSD, WMF, EMF, PCX, PIC, etc.) to PDF. With it, you can also set different parameters  such as set PDF page margin, page size, resolution, PDF properties, PDF passwords, etc. for the created PDF document.

Just by following the instructions shown below, you can successfully convert multiple images to a single PDF document and redefine page margin for the created PDF document.

Firstly, please download the package of Image to PDF Converter.

After the download, please extract the ZIP file to a folder on your computer disk. In the extracted folder, there is an executable file named img2pdf.exe which is the called program in the MS-DOS command prompt window.

Then, please open MS-DOS command prompt window so that you are able to input commands.

After that, please follow command line template shown below to input your commands.

img2pdf [options] <Image-file> [<PDF-file>]

In this command line template:

  • img2pdf: call the program
  • [options]: set parameters
  • <Image-file>: specify the input image
  • [<PDF-file>]: specify the output PDF

To set page margin to the converted PDF, you can use the following options:

-margin <string> : set page margin to PDF file

  • -margin 10 : set margin to 10pt to left
  • -margin 10x10 : set margin to 10pt to left, top
  • -margin 10x10x10 : set margin to 10pt to left, top, right
  • -margin 10x10x10x10 : set margin to 10pt to left, top, right, bottom

If you still don’t understand the above command line template and options, maybe the following example can help you.

img2pdf.exe -margin 100x100x100x100 C:\in. jpg C:\out.pdf

This example is to convert a JPG image to PDF and set top margin, bottom margin, left margin and right margin of the PDF page as 100pt respectively.

Lastly, please click the Enter button on the keyboard to run the commands.

After a while, you can get the output PDF document.

If you want to know more options and usage of this command line application, you can browse the TXT document named as readme.txt in the unzip package.

If you want to get full version of this command line application, you can buy Image to PDF Converter here.

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