How to merge PDF documents?

The command line application ImagePDF Image to PDF Converter is a powerful application which has the ability to merge PDF documents as a single PDF with some easy commands. In this article, all the operations for this process will be shown in the following contents.

Image to PDF Converter can merge two PDF documents, several PDF documents, PDF files in one .txt file, etc. with different kinds of command line options. There are several steps for your reference:

1. Please free download ImagePDF Image to PDF Converter and unzip the file to some location of your disk. The executable file img2pdf.exe in the unzipped package will act as the called program.

2. Please open the .txt file readme.txt in the unzipped package to see the usage and options of this command line application.

3. Open MS-DOS interface to input the command line.

4. Follow the command line template below to write your own commands.

img2pdf [options] <Image-file> [<PDF-file>]

5. Start to merge the PDF documents by clicking Enter button on the keyboard.

Please see the following command line examples for your better understanding.

img2pdf.exe -mergepdf "C:\1.pdf|C:\2.pdf|C:\3.pdf" C:\out.pdf
img2pdf.exe -mergepdf "C:\*.pdf" C:\out.pdf
img2pdf.exe -mergepdf "C:\filelist.txt" C:\out.pdf

The first command line is to merge selected PDF documents into one PDF document.
The second command line is to merge the PDF documents in same directory into one PDF document with wildcard.
The last command line is to merge the PDF documents listed in one TXT document into one PDF document.

Please see the snapshot below in which there is a successfully run command line for merging PDF documents.

merge PDF with ImagePDF Image to PDF Converter

The command line in the snapshot is

"C:\Program Files\img2pdf\img2pdf.exe" –mergepdf "C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Desktop\*.pdf" C:\test.pdf

"C:\Program Files\img2pdf\img2pdf.exe" is the path of the file img2pdf.exe.
–mergepdf is the option for merging PDF documents.
"C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Desktop\*.pdf" is the path of PDF documents in the same directory.
C:\test.pdf is the path of output file.

If you are interested in Image to PDF Converter, just click here to free download Image to PDF Converter and then have a try of it.

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