Use ImagePDF Software Image to PDF Converter to convert image to PDF document

If you need to convert an image to PDF document like JPG to PDF, BMP to PDF, etc., you will need a kind of application which has the function of this and it is better to be easily operated. The command line application ImagePDF Software Image to PDF Converter is able to do this word perfectly for you. It can not only convert different kinds of images (BMP, JPG, TIFF, TGA, PNG, etc.) to PDF, can also set different parameters for created PDF.

Please download the application via clicking here and extract the ZIP file to some location of your computer to directly use the command line application without any installation steps. The executable file img2pdf.exe in unzipped folder is the called program for the conversion from image to PDF.

Open MS-DOS interface and drag the file img2pdf.exe to the window, hit Enter button to see the usage of the program like shown in Figure 1.

usage of Image to PDF Converter when converting image to pdf

                                                                            Figure 1

There are several command line examples for you to make the conversion from image to PDF and set parameters for target file. Here we take BMP, TIF format image formats as the example of input file.

  1. img2pdf.exe C:\in.bmp C:\out.pdf
  2. img2pdf.exe -width 612 -height 792 C:\in.tif C:\out.pdf
  3. img2pdf.exe -ownerpwd 123 -keylen 2 -encryption 3900 C:\in.tif C:\out.pdf
  4. img2pdf.exe -append 2 -width 612 -height 792 C:\*.tif C:\out.pdf

The first example is for converting one BMP image to PDF document without setting any parameters for created PDF document.

The second example is for setting PDF page size as 612x792 with the options –width 612 and –height 792.

The third example is to set owner password for created PDF document as 123 with the option –ownerpwd 123 and set 128 bit RC4 encryption with the option -keylen 2. The option -encryption 3900 is to deny anything (printing, copying, modifying, etc.).

The last example is to convert image to PDF document in batches with wildcard. The option -append 2 is to append created pdf document to last page if PDF file exists.

In addition, you can also set PDF resolution, PDF watermark, PDF bookmark, etc. with this powerful application. At last, you need to hit Enter button to run the conversion.

For knowing more information about Image to PDF Converter, please click here to visit the homepage of it. If you have questions about it, please contact the support team of us.

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