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What is JBIG2 arithmetic?


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JBIG2 arithmetic

JBIG2 provides the best solution available today for efficient bilevel image compression. The ImagePDF implementation utilizes proprietary techniques to create JBIG2-compliant bitstreams that are significantly smaller than has been possible to date using standard G4 fax compression. Highly-efficient JBIG2 lossless compression can be used for those applications demanding bit-accurate reproduction of the original image. JBIG2 lossy compression can create documents of dramatically smaller size and yet be visually equivalent to the original.

Achieve both lossless and lossy compression of bitonal images that is visually equivalent to the original images, with higher compression ratios than G3/G4 TIFF. Developers can use JBIG2 compression within PDF to minimize PDF file sizes.

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