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Image to PDF Converter – lighting-fast generation of lightweight PDF files from popular image formats from the command line
The PDF format is used by millions of users every day to store and share images and text. Compact and universal, it allows us to create lightweight documents that can be opened on any device — from computers to mobile phones. However, you need proper tools to create PDF documents, especially when you are dealing with dozens or even more documents on a daily basis. If you have been looking for a tool that would allow you to create compact and high-quality PDF files (for instance, e-books) from images of different formats, Image to PDF Converter will save your day!

As the name suggests, Image to PDF Converter is intended for creating PDF documents from image files. This is a powerful and extremely fast command line tool supporting dozens of popular image formats (including TIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PSD, WMF, EMF, PCX, PIC and so on) and allowing you to combine an infinite number of images from different location into a single PDF file. The software supports advanced image processing options for high-quality output and can be used as part of a desktop application, a website or an online service for ?on-the-fly? image to PDF conversion. Some other useful features of Image to PDF Converter include the possibility to update existing PDF files, set custom watermarks, split a multipage PDF file into several files and merge several files into one, protect the resulting file with a password, optimize PDF for an optimal quality/size ratio and much more. The tool can be used in the majority of Windows versions (95 to Vista, 32- and 64-bit versions supported).

Image to PDF Converter is an amazingly powerful PDF conversion tool that you should definitely try in action!
3d2f.com editors have called the program "the most promising in its class".

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