How to convert scanned image to PDF?

The characters in scanned image can be converted to PDF document with the help of the command line application ImagePDF Image to PDF OCR Converter which has the ability to convert different types of scanned image to PDF document with OCR (Optical Character Optimization).

This command line application doesn’t need any installation steps and you just need to download the free trial version by clicking the following button and then unzip the ZIP file to your computer disk.

free download ImagePDF Image to PDF OCR Converter

There is an executable file named as img2pdfocr.exe in the unzipped file and this file is the called program of the conversion from scanned image file to PDF document. In the following contents, you will see how to use this application to accomplish the conversion.

1. Please open MS-DOS interface and input the path of img2pdfocr.exe into MS-DOS interface, then hit Enter button to see the usage of Image to PDF OCR Converter as shown in the following snapshot.

usage of ImagePDF Image to PDF OCR Converter 

2. Please refer to the command line template to write the command line:

img2pdfocr [options] <Image-file> [<PDF-file>]

There are some command line examples for you to understand better.

img2pdfocr –ocr –xres 600 –y res 500 C:\input.jpg C:\output.pdf
img2pdfocr –ocr –rotate 180 –view C:\test.gif C:\test.pdf

In these two examples, the options

-ocr is to create full-text searchable PDF file
-xres and –yres are used to set X and Y resolution to the image file.
-rotate is to rotate created PDF document by different degree.
-view is to view created PDF document automatically.

3. Please run the conversion from scanned image to searchable PDF by hitting Enter button on the keyboard.

In the homepage of ImagePDF Image to PDF OCR Converter, there are more details about this application for you to learn.

In order to use this command line for experiencing, please free download ImagePDF Image to PDF OCR Converter.

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