How convert image to PDF/X compliance PDF via command line

The command line application Image to PDF Converter is able to convert JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PSD, WMF, EMF, PCX, PIC, etc. images to PDF/X compliance PDF.

PDF/X is an umbrella term for several ISO standards that define a subset of the PDF standard, which is used to facilitate graphics exchange. PDF/X files must not only follow certain restrictions, they also must contain a special file identification inside the PDF.

Image to PDF Converter is a professional command line application that can convert image to PDF/X compliance PDF.

To know how to use this command line application to convert image file to PDF/X compatible PDF, please follow the instructions below.

Firstly, please free download the installer of Image to PDF Converter. Unlike other application, you don’t need to install it after the download. You just unzip the downloaded file to a disk on your computer and then you can use it. In the unzipped file folder, you can see an executable file named as img2pdf.exe which is the called program.

Secondly, please open MS-DOS interface (MS-DOS command prompt window) in which you can input your commands.

After that, please refer to the following command line template to input commands in the MS-DOS command prompt window.

img2pdf [options] <Image-file> [<PDF-file>]

In the above command line template,

  • img2pdf: call the program
  • [options]: set options for the conversion
  • <Image-file>: specify the source image file
  • [<PDF-file>]: specify the target PDF file

In order to convert the image file to PDF/X compliance PDF file, please use the option: -pdfx which is used to create PDF/X compliance PDF file.

For example,

img2pdf.exe -pdfx C:\in.jpg C:\out.pdf

This example is to convert a JPG image to PDF/X compliance PDF file.

After inputting the commands, please press the Enter button on your keyboard.

Several seconds later, you can get the target PDF document.

Please see the conversion effect from the following snapshot.

input image

Input image

output PDF file

Output PDF file

If you want to know more options and usage of this command line application, you can read the TXT document readme.txt in the unzipped file folder or input the path of img2pdf.exe in MS-DOS command prompt window and press Enter button on the keyboard to see all the options and usage of the application.

If you want to enjoy full version of this command line application, please buy Image to PDF Converter here.

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