How to count page number of PDF document?

It is able for the command line application ImagePDF Image to PDF Converter to count page number for PDF document as long as you input an easy command option in MS-DOS interface.

Firstly, please free download ImagePDF Image to PDF Converter and unzip it to a destination of local disk. Then you will see there is an executable file named as img2pdf.exe which is the called program for the page counting process.

In the unzipped folder of Image to PDF Converter, there is a user guide—the TXT document named as readme.txt which shows all the usage and options of this command line application.

In order to learn more information about this application, please visit the homepage of ImagePDF Image to PDF Converter.

For counting the number of PDF pages, please refer to the following command line template:

img2pdf [options] <PDF-file>

For counting the number of PDF pages, please use the option –getpagecount.

For example, if there is a multipage PDF document on your computer and you don’t have a PDF reader to get the page number of it, please write the command line like the following one:

img2pdf.exe -getpagecount C:\in.pdf

To see the conversion result, the following snapshot can give you a clear sight:

count PDF page number with ImagePDF Image to PDF Converter

The commands are:

"C:\Program Files\img2pdf\img2pdf.exe" -getpagecount "C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Desktop\demo\pdf\test_pdf2excel_normal.pdf"

In the commands:

"C:\Program Files\img2pdf\img2pdf.exe"  is the path of img2pdf.exe.
-getpagecount is the option for counting number of PDF pages.
"C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Desktop\demo\pdf\test_pdf2excel_normal.pdf" is the path of the input PDF document.

If you are interested in ImagePDF Image to PDF Converter, please download the free trial version of it to your computer and experience the powerful function of it. Please click the following button to download the application:

free download ImagePDF Image to PDF Converter

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