Compress image to PDF and set PDF properties

This article will show you how to compress image to PDF document with the command line application ImagePDF Image to PDF Compressor. This command line application is able to compress color, black-and-white image by using different kinds of compression methods.

If you want to use this command line application, please free download ImagePDF Image to PDF Compressor and then extract it to some location. The executable file img2pdfjb2.exe is the called program of this application.

Then please open MS-DOS interface in which you can input the commands and then please see the command line template below:

img2pdfjb2 [options] <Image-file> [<PDF-file>]

For compressing image, you can use the options shown below:

-lossless             : lossless compression for JBIG2 and JPEG2000
-colorimg <int>       : set compression method for color image
-bwimg <int>          : set compression method for black and white image

In order to set PDF properties, please use the options shown below:

-producer <string>    : set 'producer' to PDF file
-creator <string>     : set 'creator' to PDF file
-subject <string>     : set 'subject' to PDF file
-title <string>       : set 'title' to PDF file
-author <string>      : set 'author' to PDF file
-keywords <string>    : set 'keywords' to PDF file

Next, please see the commands example shown below to help you better understand how to use this application.

img2pdfjb2 -colorimg 0 –producer “ImagePDF” –author “Nancy” C:\input.bmp C:\output.pdf
img2pdfjb2 –bwimg 2 –title “article” –subject “technology” C:\test.jpg C:\test.pdf
img2pdfjb2 –lossless –keywords “Compress image” –creator “ImagePDF” C:\img.jpg C:\document.pdf

-colorimg 0 stands for no change compression for color image file.
-bwimg 2 is to compress black and white image file with JBIG2 arithmetic.

For running the commands, please hit Enter button on the keyboard.

If you want to know more details about this application, welcome visit the homepage of Image to PDF Compressor.

In addition, if you want to download the free trail version of Image to PDF Compressor, please click the following button.

free download Image to PDF Compressor

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