How to edit PDF properties when converting image to PDF?

This article will describe the special subject about converting image file to PDF document and editing PDF property with the command line application ImagePDF Image to PDF Converter.

About PDF properties

When opening a PDF document with any kinds of PDF viewer or reader, you can browse PDF property accordingly. Such like Title, Author, Keywords, Subject, Creator, etc. These information can be edited when the PDF document is created.

How to edit PDF property when converting image to PDF?

There are several steps for you to follow:

  • Download Image to PDF Converter and extract it to the computer. The executable file img2pdf.exe will act as the called program in the conversion.
  • Open MS-DOS interface in Windows system in order to input the command line.
  • If you don’t know how to use Image to PDF Converter, please input the file path of img2pdf.exe in MS-DOS interface and hit Enter button to see its usage and options.
  • Input the command line by following the template and example offered below.
  • Run the conversion at last.

The command line usage:

img2pdf [options] <Image-file> [<PDF-file>]

To edit PDF description, you need to use these options: –producer, –creator, –subject, –title, –author, –keywords, –credate and –moddate.

Please see the following command line example:

img2pdf –title “article” –subject “technology” C:\input.jpg C:\output.pdf

There is a successfully run command line shown in the following snapshot:

convert image to PDF and edit PDF properties with Image to PDF Converter The command line is

"C:\Program Files\img2pdf\img2pdf.exe" -author "Nancy" -keywords "PDF Properties" -producer "ImagePDF" "C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Desktop\demo\jpg\test0001.jpg" C:\test.pdf


"C:\Program Files\img2pdf\img2pdf.exe" is the path of called program img2pdf.exe.
-author "Nancy" -keywords "PDF Properties" -producer "ImagePDF" is to set PDF description.
"C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Desktop\demo\jpg\test0001.jpg" is the path of original image file.
C:\test.pdf is the path of target file.

When opening the created PDF document, you can see its information like the following snapshot shows:

PDF properties of the created document

You can have a try of the useful command line application Image to PDF Converter via clicking the following button:

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