How to convert PDF to image multi-platform?

   In ImagePDF knowledge base, articles about converting image to PDF can be found here and there. However, how to do the conversion from PDF to Image and how to process the conversion under multi-platforms, like Mac, Linux and Windows? In order to enrich the knowledge base and circle the conversion, I put an article here, hoping useful for you.

   After searching and evaluation, I feel software PDF to Image Converter Command Line is good. For one thing, this software has three versions, Windows,Mac OS X and Linux. For other thing, the conversion effect of this software is good. Now taking Windows version for example, I will show you how to use this software according to my experience.

First, download PDF to Image Converter to your PC. It is the command line version so you need to unzip it and call it from MS Dos Windows.

Second, open MS Dos Windows and check readme.text in the PDF2image package. As we need to convert PDF to Image, just simply following the example in it will be OK.

                     Example: pdf2img.exe C:\in.pdf C:\out.tif

If you need to set width&height for the output image file, please use parameters:

                      -w <int>: set image width, unit is pixel
                      -h <int>: set image height, unit is pixel

When output file format is tif or black&width image needed, parameters following will be helpful.

                            -forcebwtif : force to create black and white TIFF files
                            -threshold <int>    : lightness threshold that used to convert image to B&W

Examples: pdf2img.exe -width 1024 -height 768 -forcebwtif C:\in.pdf C:\out.tif

And there are also many parameters pertaining to PDF file to Image conversion, you can develop it yourself according to your needs. If you need other version of this software, please download from followings.

                           download of Mac Version                                              download of Linux Version

If you say that “I am that kind of “tech geek”, I do not know command line and even I do not have better command of English, could you please show me some app which is extremely easy to operate?”

  For non-English speakers or the ones who do not like to use command line, the GUI version of PDF to Image Converter is a better choice. Seeing from its interface by the following snapshot, you can feel how easy the operation of this software is. All you need to do is adding files, do the setting and then Convert it.

 interface of PDF to Image Converter

All above are about converting PDF file to Image, by those software you can convert all kinds of PDF file to Image files on multi-platform. After conversion, you can extract PDF pages in the format of image file. Then any suit of software on ImagePDF website can help you convert images from PDF files to a totally new PDF files. The conversion from PDF to Image—> image to PDF can go on and on and on.

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