How to convert PDF to image in Mac OS?

In ImagePDF knowledge base, it is not hard to find ways for converting PDF to Image in Windows platform. However, we do not have software which can convert PDF to image in Mac OS. In order to find gap-filling software, we searched and tested many sets of software then recommend this software for you.  

  It is VeryPDF PDF to Image Converter not ImagePDF software. There are five versions of this software, like GUI version, command line version, COM version and others. You can go to its Try and Buy webpage to download the right version for you. In this article, I will take the command line version for example.  Please make sure download the Mac version, as there are also Windows and Linux version.

  First, download this software to your Mac.

  • It is a zip compressed file, after downloading, please unzip it. There will be a folder showed on the desktop.Now please check the elements in the folder from the following snapshot.

unzip package of PDF to Image Converter Mac

  • The PDF2image is the executable file. Please call it in the Terminal. Also please read the readme.txt file carefully to know more about it.
  • Also you can use file to test all the parameters of this software.

Second, run the conversion.

  • Take random PDF file for example to show you how to use this software.                         

                        ./pdf2img C:\in.pdf C:\out.tif
                        ./pdf2img C:\in.pdf C:\out.png
              ./pdf2img -opw 123 -upw 456 -aa no C:\in.pdf C:\out.pngThis software supports most of the image file formats, like TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, EMF, PCX, TGA. etc. It also covers all the functions of Window version.  

    This software can convert the password protected PDF file to image under the condition that you know the open password.

                         ./pdf2img -threshold 240 -forcexdpi 204 -forceydpi 98 C:\in.pdf C:\out.tif

      By the above command line, you can control the threshold of image to 240 and make the output image file dpi to 98.
    • When do the batch conversion, please try the following command line.

                      ./pdf2img -threshold 240 -forcexdpi 204 -forceydpi 98 C:\in.pdf C:\out.tif

        By the above command line, you can convert all the PDF files in the whole folder to tif files.

    Third, let us check the conversion effect form the following snapshot.

    input PDF file and output tif file

    If you have any question about this software, please search answers in VeryPDF knowledge base. This article was written based on our own experience, so it is only used for reference.

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