How to deny Fill In Form Fields of the generated PDF

What will you do if you want to deny Fill In Form Fields of the generated PDF file? With the software Image to PDF Converter, users can easily and efficiently finish this task. So what is Image to PDF Converter?  It is a  window application which can directly convert Image to PDF files and set the generated PDF files according to their own needs. With this software users can easily set their PDF file to deny Fill In Form Fields. More functions and information about this software, users can go to the home page!

Here we will mainly introduce the steps on how to convert image to PDF file and deny Fill In Form Fields.

  • First click here to download this software to your PC and you can get a zip file which you need to decompress. You will find an application img2pdf.exe in the folder after decompression.
  • As Image to PDF Converter is a command line product and MS-DOS oriented software, first we need to input this software to the MS-DOS interface.Just click the Start-Run and then input the “cmd” into the Open combo box, then click the OK button.
  • Input the command line in to the interface according to the command line usage,then press the Enter button. The command line listed below is the one needed to deny Fill In Form Fields of the generated PDF.

C:\Users\sgq\Downloads\img2pdf\img2pdf.exe –encryption 256 C:\Users\sgq\Desktop\necessary\wedxcv.jpg C:\Users\sgq\Desktop\132.pdf

  • In this command line, the path of the application is “C:\Users\sgq\Downloads\img2pdf\img2pdf.exe ”; the path of  the image PDF is “C:\Users\sgq\Desktop\necessary\wedxcv.jpg ”; the path of the generated PDF file is “C:\Users\sgq\Desktop\132.pdf”. “–encryption 256” is the parameter that help users to set the generated PDF to deny Fill In Form Fields .Look at the Figure1 listed below, it is the converting process of this command line.
  • the converting process

Image to PDF Converter is so easy and useful that can help users finish their task in just a few seconds. If you want to experience the advantages of this software, please free download the trial version, if you are satisfied with this software,please click here to buy the official version.

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