Convert image to PDF and edit PDF description

With the help of the command line program ImagePDF Image to PDF Converter, you can easily convert image to PDF document and set different kinds of parameters for created PDF document. For example, you can set PDF resolution, edit PDF description, etc. In the following contents, you will see how to use this command line application to make the conversion.

At first, please download Image to PDF Converter by clicking this link and there is no need to install it. Just a simple extraction will help you get the command line program. Open MS-DOS interface and drag the executable file pdf2img.exe and drop it into the interface, hit Enter button to see its usage. Then you can start to convert image to PDF document and edit PDF description according to the usage template.

img2pdf [options] <Image-file> [<PDF-file>]

For your better understanding the usage template, there are some command line examples below for your reference:

  1. img2pdf.exe C:\in.jpg C:\out.pdf
  2. img2pdf.exe –dpi 500 C:\input.tif C:\output.pdf
  3. img2pdf.exe –producer ImagePDF –creator Nancy –title Article –keywords Description C:\input.bmp C:\output.pdf

The first example is to convert the image of JPG to PDF document without setting any parameters. The second example is to set PDF resolution as 500 dpi in the conversion from image to PDF. The last example is to edit PDF description when convert image to PDF.

There is a successfully run command line shown in Figure 1.

convert image to PDF and edit PDF description

Figure 1

Please see the original image and converted PDF document in Figure 2. Then see the edited PDF description in Figure 3.

comparision between original image and target PDF

                                                                            Figure 2

description of target PDF file

                                                                          Figure 3

If you are satisfied with the conversion from image to PDF result, you can purchase ImagePDF Software Image to PDF Converter as your tool by entering its homepage. If you have any other questions about this application, please bring up your problems to our support team.

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