How to make flipbook from PDF file?

           In the ImagePDF knowledge base,  we can find many ways to convert image file to PDF for the purpose of printing or long term saving and achieving. In some cases, we maybe need to browse the PDF files. If you are in the office, there is no problem to read the PDF file at any time. However, when you are out, say you are on plane, if you want to read the PDF file, it will be  a little cumbersome.  For providing comprehensive service, ImagePDF staff searched  and tested one suit of software--VeryPDF Flipbook Maker, which can help you convert the PDF file to flipbook. Meanwhile, it allows you to upload your flipbook to the website where is located on VeryPDF server. By this way, you read the stunning flipbook at any place.

  In the following part, I will show you how to make flipbook from PDF file. If you have been used to our software, you can first convert image to PDF by our software. If you are newbie here, please try to convert image to flipbook directly as this flipbook maker has this function.

 First, download Flipbook Maker.

  • This software is the GUI version, after downloading, please install it like the other GUI software.
  • After installation, there will be an icon on the desktop. Double click it then you can enter the software interface. For showing this software more clearly, I snapshot this software interface. The following snapshot is from software interface.

software interface of Flipbook Maker
                   Fig. 1. software interface of Flipbook Maker

Second, set options.

  • Click Input at the left corner of the top to add input files.
  • Choose the background pictures.
  • Choose the theme online.
  • Choose the color of text, button, skin and the tool bar.
  • Set the background music.
  • Then please do not forget to click Apply.
  • If you have finished the setting part, you can Save it locally or Upload it to the website.

When clicking Upload, you will find the following snapshot.

upload menu tab
                             Fig. 2. upload menu tab

If you are newbie here, please do not forget to Sign Up. If you have account here, please login then you can upload this flipbook to your private account on VeryPDF sever. By this link, you can read it at any place at any time. As it is not our software, if you have any question, please consult corresponding website.

Please check the flipbook effect from the following show.

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