Convert image to PDF/X

For facilitating graphics exchange, PDF/X was developed. But for facilitating image to PDF/X, Image to PDF Converter was developed. PDF/X files must not only follow certain restrictions, but also must contain a special file identification, inside the PDF, which says which PDF/X version they are. This means that a file can only conform to a single specific PDF/X standard, even if all other requirements are met.  Under rigid limitation, PDF/X  is widely used in the printing, publishing area. After Image to PDF Converter born, this process has stepped a big step. It gets through the printing in image area.

  Now let us get to the point,  check how to convert image file to PDF/X directly.

  • Download Image to PDF Converter to your PC.  It is command line software, so when you downloading, it is a zip file. After download it, please unzip it then find the readme.txt file and read it carefully.
  • Learn how to use it. As we need to convert image to PDF/X, we need to find the parameter related with this conversion. It is not hard to find parameter “-pdfx”.

                                                -pdfx: create PDF/X compliance PDF file

                                            Example: img2pdf.exe -pdfx C:\in.tif C:\out.pdf

  • Now like other command line software, you need open MS Dos Window, input the command line following the above example.

Principle we have talked, now let us make field practice. Take a random image file for example, multi-page tiff file.

conversion effect

From the above snapshot, we can deduce that this software convert tif to pdfx successfully. If you check the the tiff file carefully, you will find that it has a little skew. But in the converted pdfx, it is totally straight. The secret lies in that I have added another parameter “-skewcorrect” .

-skewcorrect: skew correct for black and white image file

Example: img2pdf.exe –pdfx  -skewcorrect C:\in.tif C:\out.pdf

Here I will call and end for the conversion from image file to pdfx. If you want to know more software about file format conversion, please visit ImagePDF Software.

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