How to convert tiff to PDF/A?

  Take long-term preservation of image file consideration, some libraries or companies would like to convert image to PDF/A and then save the image files safe and good forever. And it is known to all that PDF/A is a proposed international standard for long-term electronic document preservation, so for conversion in a easy mode consideration, here I will public an article about convert image to PDF/A.  I will take converting tiff to PDF/A for example to show you how to convert image to PDF/A.

Before run the conversion, we need to know more about PDF/A.You need to take some factors into consideration when creating an image-only file to PDF/A archive. To migrate an existing image archive to PDF/A, or to create a PDF/A archive from newly scanned images, the first decision to be made is whether the PDF/A file should meet Level A or Level B conformance, denoted PDF/A-1A and PDF/A-1B respectively.

But how much do you know PDF/A-1A and PDF/A-1B? Here I differ them by some simply words. PDF/A-1A and PDF/A-1B extract the content of file in different ways, PDF/A-1A follows closely to the line of  ISO 19005-1 standard, Level A Conformance. But PDF/A-1B *(Level B Conformance) belongs to the lowest PDF/A-1A file. It observes the ISO 19005-1 loosely.

Now let us back to the topic. Convert tiff to PDF/A now.

  • Download software Image to PDF Converter here.
  • This is the command line software and you need to call it from MS Dos Windows.
  • When you download it successfully, you need to unzip the file and open MS Dos Windows.
  • Check the usage in its readme.txt.
  • It is not hard to find this parameter,

                               -pdfa: create PDF/A compliance PDF file

                                 img2pdf.exe -pdfa C:\in.tif C:\out.pdf

  • You can do the conversion following the above example.
  • A few moments later, you can check the PDF/A file with the content of image file.

Now let us check the conversion effect from the following snapshots.

tiff to PDFA

If you need to know more functions of this software, please visit its homepage.  And if you need to know more about software about file formats conversion, ImagePDF  will be a good place for you.

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