How to convert image to PDF and rotate image?

It is easy to convert image to PDF document with the application ImagePDF Image to PDF Converter which is a command line application with many kinds of functions. In the following contents, you will see the detailed steps illustration.

For knowing how to rotate image file when converting image file to PDF document, please do as follows:

  • Please free download Image to PDF Converter and extract the ZIP file to some location of the computer disk.
  • Open readme.txt file in unzipped folder of Image to PDF Converter to see its usage and options.
  • Open MS-DOS interface for inputting the command line.
  • Input the command line in MS-DOS interface to convert image file to PDF document and rotate the image.
  • View the created PDF document in the specified location.

The following command template is the usage template of Image to PDF Converter:

img2pdf [options] <Image-file> [<PDF-file>]

The options for rotating image is –rotate and the value can be set as 90, 180 and 270.

Please see the following command line example:

img2pdf –rotate 90 C:\test.bmp C:\test.pdf

Additionally, Image to PDF Converter also supports other kinds of functions:

img2pdf –view –openpwd 123 –ownerpwd 456 –bookmark –3 C:\test.jpg C:\test.pdf

In the example above, the options:

-view is to view created PDF automatically after creating PDF document from image.
-openpwd is to set open password for the created PDF document.
-ownerpwd is to set owner password for created PDF file.
-bookmark is to create PDF bookmark and the value –3 means to use filenames as bookmarks.

In the following snapshot, you can see the comparison between original image and the created PDF document. The image has been rotated by 90 degree.

comparison between original PDF and created PDF after the conversion from image to PDF

If you are interested in this command line application, please visit the homepage: Image to PDF Converter.

In order to free download Image to PDF Converter, please click: free download Image to PDF Converter

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