Combines multiple images into one PDF file

Many users may be confused about how to combine multiple iamges into one PDF file, Now this article will tell you a very easy and useful way to finish this task- Image to PDF Converter. This software is designed to help user convert Image files into PDF files easily and efficiently. Image to PDF Converter is a command line product with which you can manually issue commands or include them in scripts. This software can support many image types which includeTIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PSD, WMF, EMF, PCX, PIC and so on.

This article will tell you main steps combine multiple images into one PDF file. More information about Image to PDF Converter please click here

  • First click here to download this software to your PC and you will get a zip file, then uncompressing the and you will get a file which include an application image2pdf.exe.
  • As Image to PDF Converter is a command line product, therefore we should first open the MS-DOS interface. Click Start-Run and input "cmd" into the Open combo box and then click the OK button.
  • Put the image2pdf.exe into the MS-DOS interface
  • Put all your image files into one folder and then input the command line, for example, look at the picture below , it is the whole process of converting:


  1. C:\Users\sgp>C:\Users\sgp\Downloads\image2pdf\image2pdf.exe
  2. C:\Users\sgp\Desktop\3\*.jpg
  3. C:\Users \sgp\Desktop\8.pdf       
  • The first one is the path of the image2pdf.exe
  • The second one is the path of the folder which include several images.
  • The third one is the path of the PDF file
  • Looking at the pictures before and after converting:

{FCF80FCF-2D7F-41d3-BAD1-E8822E4142F7}       {C2BD3F50-044C-41d8-A50E-DF769A56766D}

Is it wonderful and amazing? so do not hesitate anymore, if you are satisfied with this software, Buy Now!

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